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In the meantime, should you wish to ask Sarah about any of the below mentioned opportunities, please do contact her for more information. 

Commission Requests 

Contact Sarah with any request to discuss requirements and artwork details. 

Art Mindfulness Workshop

Learn how to use art as a way to truly relax and rest a busy mind.


Life is pretty hectic! In a world full of noise and distractions, we rarely take time to stop and just breath and reflect on the beauty around us.

Sarah will lead your group by creating a calm, relaxing and safe environment.

After initial introductions both with the group and the art materials, Sarah will lead in some basic  calming and reflective excercises allowing for peaceful and creative expression.

Each person will be encouraged to engage artistically with something that inspires them.
The group will then separate so individuals can work and reflect in peace and be able to engage with a physical response on a canvas panel to take away as a reminder.

Sarah will be on hand to answer any questions or assist with difficulties. 
Sometimes the space and time to reflect can initiate a more personal response in some attendees.
As an experienced minister, Sarah can offer confidential support and guidance as appropriate.

Before the close of the workshop, there will be a time of gathering together to allow the opportunity for group reflection and the sharing of thoughts and artwork if people are comfortable to do so.

Book for groups of up to seven. No previous art experience or skills needed.
To discuss requirements contact Sarah



'One can only imagine the stillness of bringing peace into our noisy world where everyone and everything chases like there’s no tomorrow. Having experienced a session of art and tranquility with Sarah, who touched the inner soul , I left with a sense of fulfilment and peace. I am no artist but what comes from within is transformed into truth. Try it you won’t be disappointed. From someone who knows what can be achieved when you have faith in yourself.'

Mrs. G. Godfrey, Bristol 

Art Classes

Learn and explore some basic techniques of painting with various mediums.