About The Artist 

Sarah is an artist who lives and works in the South West of England where she is always inspired by the abundance of beautiful countryside and stunning coastal scenery.


Now a full time artist, Sarah is also an ordained priest, having been ordained in 2015 after training at Trinity College Bristol.

Before training in pastoral ministry, Sarah had a full career as an officer in the Royal Air Force after several years as an Infantry Combat Medic (reservist).

Throughout her various careers she has always maintained her art as a means of relaxation and in some cases escapism!


During her time in the military and on the mission field, Sarah has travelled extensively and had the privilege to work with many unique individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles.  

Travel is still a passion (second only to painting!) and always accompanied by her art materials, Sarah tries to capture something of a place in creative reflections.


Sarah is an active member of an Atelier art group in support of military veterans  training in a traditional realist style whilst encouraging individual interpretation.

Learning from her own life journey, Sarah strongly advocates the power of art to inspire, heal, and transform.
Having personality experienced the rehabilitation power of creativity, Sarah enjoys introducing groups to this element by leading them in creative mindfulness workshops.


At work!

On location in Rajasthan


Himalayas - after a dip in the waterfalls!

Morpeth Castle, Northumbria 

Articles published by Sarah